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Mixing Instructions for HUCOG for SubQ Injections

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When mixing HUCOG, there's LOTS of mixing instructions floating around on the internet. I got the recipe below from a veteran of HUCOG and have always had great results from this method:

Here's an "introduction" from Grammy as to why she instructs hcg'ers to mix this way:

"There are a lot of recipes out there. Linda Lou and I were noticing that people who mixed with a very small amount of water seemed to have more trouble with hunger. My first two rounds were mixed with enough water to take a full syringe and I never had hunger so we decided to start recommending a bit more water in the mix. Here is what we have been recommending below. If you have the premixed liquid, you would subtract 1ml from the recipe."

* 2,000iu vial - Add 8 ml bac water (add 7ml of bac water to liquid hucog)
* 5,000iu vial - Add 20 ml bac water (add 19ml for liquid)
*10,000iu vial - Add 40 ml bac water (add 39ml for liquid)

And here is the amount you would draw for your daily dose. It is the same no matter what size vial you started with.
This is for a 1cc injection syringe.

.5cc = 125iu HCG
.6cc = 150iu HCG
.7cc = 175iu HCG
.8cc = 200iu HCG

Happy mixing!

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  1. ldygeko's Avatar
    Hmmm, Caressa - I'd been mixing my 1 ml of Hucog with 3 ml bac. water, and have been drawing 25 units for my 125 iu dose - and really haven't had any problems since I got my dose right. I might have to try it this way in my next round..... Thanks for the info!
  2. Debegrace's Avatar
    Caressa, what if I had the .5 cc syringe? Do you happen to know how much to draw?
  3. caressa's Avatar
    I am unfamiliar w/ .5 cc syringes. I would guess that if you wanted to dose @ 150 then you'd draw to .3 on the .5cc syringe? Colleen is a good one to ask about that...or Beth.