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Carole Card


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I am new and am trying to understand how to get this whole blog thing started. I don't know how to display my ticker or profile photo.

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  1. Snowdreams's Avatar
    Well lets see if i can help. For the profile photo i see your picture so i think that worked. The ticker is easy you create a ticker on a ticker web site and the copy the BB code and paste it on your post. it will look like jar-gen code until you post it. Then you will see it. Make sure in your profile that BB code is turned on. It's just a matter of playing with your profile and getting use to it. It took me a while to get it :-)
  2. Carole Card's Avatar
    Thank you Snowdreams ,, I'll try and see if I can do this,, I'm not computer smart! url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wSkI2MC/]
  3. jpsp27's Avatar
    Place the code in your signature file. If you click on settings at the top right of your profile page it will take you to a page that has a left-hand side bar. In that sidebar, click on edit signature file. In the "edit signature" window, paste the code you get from the ticker company. You can also place other information in there as well.