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Am I being too eager?

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I sat down and wrote all the phase days in my calendar, beginning today, Load Day 1, through August, in which I would finish R2P3 if I follow protocol as written, with a minimum P3/P4 period of six weeks.

So, the way it looks is

March 16-17: R1 L
March 18- April 26: R1 P2
April 27-May 17: R1 P3
May 18-June 7: R1 P4
June 8-9: R2 L
June 10-July 21: R1 P2
July 22-August 11: R1 P3
August 12-September 2: R2P4

September 3 would start R3 if needed. If I have average losses of 25 pounds per 40-day round, I should be near goal by the end of R2, and if R3 is needed, it would probably be a short one.

Am I being too eager by drawing it up like this? Or just sensibly planning, so that during my P2 periods I can avoid disruptions?

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  1. Carolina's Avatar
    Actually, that is incorrect. R2 P4 would extend until September 16. Which would still allow plenty of time to complete a short round and P3 before the holidays.

    What say ye, o wise ones?
  2. sophates's Avatar
    ha ha... I've totally been doing the same thing!