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Thoughts on Loading...

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  1. Load on fatty foods, rather than starchy sugars.
  2. SATURATED FAT is your friend. That crispy nub from the end of a ribeye steak, bacon, butter, ghee, cheese, more bacon, more cheese, sausage, ice cream, tons of cream in my coffee, more butter
  3. Olive oil and nut butters and avocados are fine, but you want to do MORE ANIMAL FAT. The point of loading is to REPLENISH NORMAL FAT STORES. Mammals ain't made of olive oil.
  4. Avoid booze. For these two days, eating is my JOB. I don't drink on the job.
  5. Plan, plan, plan.

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  1. quelsen's Avatar
    Seems you have the right about it. bacon bacon bacon.
  2. Catthai's Avatar
    Good luck on your loading, sounds like you've got it down! I'm thinking about my next load too and your notes are giving me ideas. Thanks :-)
  3. yayhowfun's Avatar
    No drinking eh? White Russian with real cream? I'm just saying.