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Correction day(s) helped

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How is everyone? Three mornings of eggs/bacon and the last two days doesn't seem to be hurt by the eggs, so maybe I can assume eggs are safe/good for me. What should I add tomorrow? Cream? That is what I was thinking... and then try that for three days before adding the xylitol. Wait! Maybe I should add the xylitol tomorrow, and that way can have CC again. Now there's a thought! I want to figure out slowly what was causing the other gains. (It probably was that nasty shredded cheddar cheese. I am still mad it might be full of the wood pulp that I heard the food industry is using. UGH! You read about that, right?)

After three days of clean eating, mostly protein, I dropped the extra that was inching me upward. So this morning shows me at .4 under LIW--even after two morning's of breakfast eggs. And Katie! I finally had that glass of chardonnay last night.... only 5 oz, though. ;-)

I know it's silly I went backwards since we have the 2# window, but I like the extra cushion. I am still amazed at how many calories, including the fat grams, that I can consume now. I would have never dreamed of eating this way pre-hCG. I have learned a lot from this Forum and was exposed to other books that helped change my thinking.... actually, re-educate!

VIDEO: Bad science, big business created obesity epidemic

Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat
Marc Sisson, Primal Blueprint
Drs Jaminet, The Perfect Health Diet (actually haven't read this one yet)

Here's another video everyone should see:

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Updated August 21st, 2011 at 05:54 AM by Carry2010