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Where has my motivation gone??

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It was not a good weekend. One of the guys in my boyfriend's unit was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on Saturday, and I pretty much went downhill from there. They've only been there 3 weeks---definitely makes it real. I ate like CRAP all weekend, and I'm on P2! Just trying to find my motivation again. I did a steak day yesterday and I'm doing a Fage day today, and then still gonna wait a day or two until I weigh in. Haven't weighed in since Saturday morning. I am worried.

I am feeling like I have so far to go, it's feeling overwhelming. Been in the 170s bouncing around of the whole month of July and part of June. Cycling has been working well, but I am just lacking on some motivation right now.

I want to lose another 30 pounds, which puts me at 3 or 4 more 14-day cycles. Why does that seem so daunting? I am trying to be positive and take it one day at a time, but it's hard to wrap my head around it right now. I really am sick of the 170s, but I know I have like 6 or 7 more pounds (maybe more, yikes) and I don't know if I have the willpower to do that for this cycle. I am supposed to do my 14th day on Thursday and transition to my 4-5 days of P3. Maybe I will just continue on as planned and take Thursday as my LIW. I am just HATING the number on the scale. I know I was 191 pounds 7 weeks ago, but still...

How do you stay motivated to keep going? How do you not obsess over the number on the scale each day?! Ahhhh---I can do it, but man it's getting hard!!

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  1. wwkiks's Avatar
    So sorry to hear your tragic news! It is understandable you don't know which end is up right now. Don't beat yourself up. One moment at a time is all we can handle sometimes. This is one of those times.... we get stressed out and want to eat anything that brings comfort. You will get back on track, just think about how far you have come and all the reasons you have fought this hard. It will get your mind thinking straight again and you can muster up the motivation to stick it out and fight for your goal! Hang in there. Blessings and smiles!
  2. emross82's Avatar
    I can totally understand why you would be so upset and thrown into a loop of self destruction. I have done it for a way less devistaing reason. I say don't weigh...at least for a few days on p2 protocal. Do a fage day and get back on track and then the scale wont seem so mean. If you see it now in your state of mind, you may get more upset and have a harder time getting back on track. Get back there mentally, the numbers will follow.
  3. junebug24's Avatar
    Very sorry to hear about the sad news about the loss of a military friend. Focus on something positive, like how you can get involved and provide support back home while the guys are deployed. It really does seem to help and you will find you are surrounding yourself with people who can provide support for you as well. I have been around the military all my life...and serving others has helped me thru my darkest time. I am new to HCG I start in the morning...so the only support I have is from my personal life experience in the military...My thoughts and prayers are with you and the families of your friend.
  4. Cassanina's Avatar
    Thank you to everyone for the comments---it's been a hard time, but I know I'll get through it!