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Pleasantly surprised on the scale today...

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Weight: 176.0

Considering I cheated on Friday night, and weighed myself on Saturday morning and was 176.8 and then ate crappy all weekend, I guess my two corrective days in a row worked. Got on the scale this morning for the first time since Saturday, just praying that I was under 180 pounds. So I was very happy with the 176.0.

My motivation is still waxing and waning. Man, wish I could get it together! Trying to figure out when I want to cycle into P3. I figure that if I keep losing steady, I'll do a few more days. If I start having .2 or 0 loss, then I'll do my 4-5 days of P3 and just drive on. Gotta stop hating the scale and the 170s. It could be a whole lot worse!! Hopefully I won't have any issues in P3 this time (damn sour cream cycle 1, and damn bacon cycle 2) and won't gain more than a pound from my LIW. Here's hoping!

This has been a constant mental battle for the last few days. Today is my third day of clean eating since the weekend, and you'd think it would be getting easier! Nope, still a struggle every day. I am so ready to see the 160s, come on baby!!

Is it Friday yet?

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