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Update---finally below 170 and over 20 pounds lost!

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Today's Weight: 169.2

So things have been going pretty well lately. Finally was able to break through the 170s and have now lost almost 23 pounds!

Cycling is going really well, 2 weeks on P2, 1 week on P3. But lately I've actually been using muscle testing A LOT to determine what I should be doing and eating. If you're not really familiar with muscle testing (kinesiology), it's really interesting and can be a useful tool! Most people have heard about the lasering that Grammy does which uses muscle testing to determine whether or not you're sensitive to something. Well you can use muscle testing to test your body for all sorts of stuff! So my friend and I have been using muscle testing each morning to figure out what/when we should be eating and drinking for the day. My results have been varied, but for the most part my body is wanting eggs. Some days 3 whole and 3 whites, some days 6 whites. It's been craving no veggies, and mostly apples except for today when it says strawberries. I've been losing .6-.8 each day eatting whatever my body tells me every morning. Might sound kind of hokey to everyone, but it's working well so far!

Have another week in P2 right now and hope to get down to 165-164. Then 1 week of P3. That puts me 15-20 pounds from my ultimate goal, so hopefully just a few more weeks of P2 after that and I'll be done!! Cannot wait, to be honest

Hope everyone is doing well and kicking butt! I love reading the blogs everyday, such a positive motivation! Good luck everyone!!

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  1. CrittleBug's Avatar
    ​How do u do the muscle test? What do u do and how do u know what to eat?