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has anyone experienced massivr hairloss?

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Hi I'm writing because I don't know what to do anymore. Would like to know if anyone has had massive hairloss and when did it stop? I have lost 50 % of my hair. I am about to buy s wig because it has not stopped I started prenatal vitamins, oil of essence of primrose, biotin 20,000 mg, centrum multivitamin about 4 days ago. I had to cut p2 short because I'm scared and depressed under my depression I have found myself cheating which I never did on r1. I start p3 on Saturday and will load up on protein but does this hairloss thinning stop? Or am going bald? Please help anyone

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  1. LynneR's Avatar
    You should probably post this as a question in *Ask Grammy* *Grammys Groupies*, rather than as a blog.

    I have read of someonewith massive hair loss, but it seems to be related to a thyroid issue. One woman in particular has been posting about it, so I think you should search the site for "hair loss" so you can see the discussion of gettin a thyroid test, possible thyroid treatments (if that is the issue), and maybe get in touch with the woman having the same issue.
  2. shannon741's Avatar
    Cathy hair loss can be due to protein deficiancy and also thyroid.
  3. hummingbirddragonfly's Avatar
    I lost alot of hair on Jenny Craig. It grew back after a while. I also was found to be very anemic. Other issues were pain in my neck and shoulders. Also no energy. If you ask me you are lacking some thing in your plan. I am under supervised loss this time. It involves lots of supplements and extra protein. You need to seek help before you hurt your body.