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Round 2 adventures

Day eight and down another .6

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My scales are wonky things. I get on them in the morning, before I'm fully awake, and they are all over the place. Maybe I should have read instructions on how to stand? Anyway, I wasn't confident in their return today so I added .2 to my weight.

Nothing exciting happened yesterday except that I grabbed the wrong face cream. About ten minutes later I freaked because I'd used OIL lotion and not my oil-free lotion. How do you scrub off lotion successfully? But later I came across a forum posting where one gal mentions using her oil lotion several times a week to make sure her face doesn't fall off. So I guess I'm ok with that. I won't do it, but I'm not going to overly worry about my minor sin.

Today should have showed up any losses from not having much ACV. I did dribble a little on my spinach yesterday (can't choke it down otherwise). But I'm not drinking copious amounts as before.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Snack: Orange
Lunch: Steak w mustard, cucumber
Dinner: Chicken w mustard, spinach
Snack: Green apple

Today: -.6 lbs
Total: -6.9 lbs

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