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Round 2 adventures

Day eleven, a day of temptation

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Yesterday was a day of temptation. My grocery store had artichokes and I ALMOST convinced my cheating mind to buy them. Heck. In my mind I practically had them cooked and scooping up mayo! I got over it by going for prawns, crab claws, and strawberries instead.

I didn't take my drops last night and I'm not hungry this morning so a drop in drops looks to be needed.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Chicken w mustard, tomato
Dinner: Prawns w coriander, asparagus
Snack: Strawberries

Today: -.6 lbs
Total: -8.1 lbs

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  1. Butterfly1515's Avatar
    Great loss- congrats!!! xx
  2. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy to hang around the .6 range because it's just enough but not too much. Of course, losing in the 1+ range will offset all those stalls soon coming my way but that's ok :-)
  3. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    Lol artichokes the worst your tempted with? I'm having all sorts of cravings that I won't mention!
  4. Catthai's Avatar
    Well, there was ripe durian there too and (sigh) that fruit is to die for! But I know better to even hang around the durian section. The artichokes jumped into my hands in the veg section - no fair!

    I do try really hard to stay away from smells that make me crazy. It's almost impossible to do out here with street hawkers on every corner, tempting me with their frying goods. But at my house? It's off limits until I get this hunger sorted. If my husband wants to eat something that smells really great, that I can't have, then he has to eat out. I don't mind him having his whiskies and wines in the evening but smelly stuff is where I draw the line :-)
  5. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    My husband has been really supportive. He took the kids out last night. I told him I was going to pick up some fish tomorrow and asked if he wanted some too. I offered to fry his and the kids and he said no just grill it all!

    Smells were getting me today from some fast-food places!
  6. Catthai's Avatar
    That's great that your husband is starting to request healthier foods. Mine started on a health kick due to high cholesterol but of course he still wants what I can't have on P2. And when I go into P3, I have what he can't have (cheese).

    I can avoid western type fastfood places out here but not the street hawkers. Their smells waft everywhere.