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Round 2 adventures

Do protein days once a week

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I do protein days once or twice a week just for the variation through my day and/or not feeling the veggies that day. I do consistently have my best losses this way.
I really like this idea. It'll break of the monotony of P2 and might even fast forward the losses.

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    I definitely had some of my better losses on protein days. Just had to be careful to keep the calories up. I actually started using a protein shake for one of my snacks on protein days and that seemed to help bring me to 500 or more. (I actually did best with 550-600 calories/day.)
  2. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks! I haven't sourced protein yet so I'll try that too. I remember the last time just getting a huge steak and eating it throughout the day. Boring, but I couldn't get through it in one go.