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B12 Shot

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Just gave myself my first B12 shot. I was not expecting it to be pink! but feeling good about it. I had been using B complex patches and that made a huge difference in my energy level, hopefully this will too.

How often to people take their B12 shots? I was thinking once a week, but it also says twice a week is fine.

I have had a slight headache the last two days, but reading that it's normal. and after researching some more, I decided to not adjust my dosage until I see how I feel on vlcd5. Realizing now that I am really focusing in on my hunger and that is causing me to be very sensitive.

Made a shrimp & tomato soup for lunch today. yum gotta go shopping for more apples!

an hour later and I am not hungry~~!!! yayayayayay!! in fact, still feeling full. was it the b12? or perhaps my body adjusting?

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Updated July 4th, 2012 at 04:24 PM by cayako (update)

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