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Just came back from an overnight camping trip. I cooked all my meals before I left and it made life much easier! I did indulge in a diet soda, felt like I was polluting my body, but it did satisfy The only problem I had was eating at the right times. Like today, I ate an apple before getting on a boat at 9 am, but wasn't able to eat lunch until 5:45pm. I wasn't anticipating spending that much time on a boat! I'll know better next time.

I decided to do a 40 day round instead of 28 and ordered more hcg from escrow, hopefully my 2000 iu will arrive before I have to dig into another 5000 iu vial. I took today off for injections (7th day) which worked out beautifully with the camping. The only thing that I wasn't able to do was weigh myself in the morning. But when I got home, I was down .8 pds, so the losing continues! So far, I have lost 6 pds in 7 days and I feel better already.

I thought I was going to have a harder time with p2 but so far, it's been great and I feel confident about being able to complete 40 days. Here's to 32 more days!

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  1. Saria171's Avatar
    Great job staying on track while camping! That's a difficult thing to do! When I stayed at my friend's house last weekend I made all my food ahead of time and kept it in a cooler lol. It was kind of funny but I'm beyond caring about what people think, I deserve to do what I need to do to get what I want! I didn't cheat at all even though she had a birthday party with cake and other munchies.

    I am also waiting on an hcg order, hoping it comes in time. I don't have any backup at home. By the time I'm done with this vial I will be at the 23 day mark so if I had to do planned interruption I wouldn't have to start over. I really don't want to do that though!!
    Hope yours comes in time!