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Round 2~! Here we go.

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It's been a full year since I did R1 and here is my experience: I lost a total of 32 pds on a a 40 day cycle (46 with breaks) and then continued to lose an additional 14 pds through p3 and p4. I kept up with p3 protocol even in p4 (just felt better) but then over the year, slowly went back to eating more gluten and starches and drinking! I started gaining back weight in the last three months and when I hit 10 pounds over my lowest weight, I decided to do another round.

I started loading on 7/21 W:159.72 was as high as 160.6 at the end of loading and now I am on R2P2D7 and am back down to 151.36. That's down 8.36 pds! Woohoo!! It feels great but this round is physically easy and mentally challenging.

HCG really brings out the emotional aspects of eating for me. I notice my need to fill empty time, boredom, anything with something! It's been simple making good p2 food and following the protocol, but my mind is constantly wanting a drink, or eating anytime. Why? Why can't I instinctively think to use this energy to build a garden fence or sew something? Instead I sit and think about why I want to eat, why it's supposedly satisfying, think about building a fence or sewing and then think some more about wanting to eat or drink. They say it takes 6 weeks to reset/set a new habit. I hope that by then end of this round I will have stopped thinking so much and made a quilt.

What are some good questions to ask yourself in these moments? What helps you process the emotional aspects of eating? I'd love to hear other people's experiences.

15 more days to go! Short round for me this time.

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  1. cayako's Avatar
    BTW, I started at 194pds!
  2. Octobergurll's Avatar
    Good Job!! My first time and some days I'm good other days I stare at the food I used to eat but when I get on that scale I'm super excited
  3. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    Congrats on starting a new round. I suggest you go ahead and start that fence or sewing project, get yourself busy. Get out of the house and try not to be in the kitchen much.

    I will be starting my third round sometime within the next month ... Still deciding exactly when.