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Surprising Support

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Well, my hunger has stabilized. About halfway through yesterday, I realized that I was no longer getting the hunger pangs. I think that it was a combination of my body adjusting and lowering my dose from 170 to 150. I just finished a nice meal of chicken with cabbage and I am full. woohoo!! And I am down 5 pds

The best of today was this morning's conversation with my mother. I called her on my way into work and after awhile she asked about the diet I had started. I had initially told them very little, other than the modified food portions, but somehow I wanted to tell her everything today. So I did. I told her about hcg, what it does, what I eat, my injections, etc. She was inquisitive, but not offensive and in the end she said that she was proud of me and would support me 100%. I couldn't believe it. Usually she is trying to give me more food and telling me to eat other things but not this time! I am so relieved. I was so worried about going over for dinner and having to defend my food choices or offending her by not eating what she had made. Thanks mom!

I am still not going to share openly with other people because this is my journey, but it sure feels nice to know that my family is rooting for me.

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  1. Cranberry's Avatar
    I'm happy for you! It's so important that you have a good support system. My husband and three kids are the only ones that know I'm doing this and they are really great about it. My kids keep checking that I'm eating the right stuff and drinking my water