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Day 4

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Injection / weekly B12
Weight 158.2
after 2 days of loading and 1 day at 495 calories:
Weight 161.2

7:00 wheat grass
8:00 Green tea and 1/2 lemon
9:00 lemon water 64 oz
11:30 1/4 smoothie w/pea protein, chia, strawberry, banana, coconut oil, aloe, water
2:00 1/4 smoothie
2:30 lemon water 64 oz
3:30 1/4 green juice
4:30 giant salad, hemp seeds, cucumber, kelp, braggs liquid aminos
6:30 1 homemade protein bar 1"
7:00 lemon water 64 oz.
total calories 485 17.4g
fat 29% 66.7g
carbs 50% 27.1g
protein 20%
if every day were like today....
You would lose 3 lbs per week.
You would reach your goal weight of 135 lbs on 4/17/2012.
In one month, you would weigh 147.3 lbs.
In three months, you would weigh 121.8 lbs.

I went for a walk yesterday, today I plan on an ubwo

I have had a lot of questions that I try to answer online. I sure hope I am finding the right answers!

If anyone has suggestions, I would welcome them!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    This is my first round with HCG and I am not doing a vegan format, so I'm definitely not an expert. I noticed your fat and carb intake seem to be high compared to the protocol I follow. Usually my fat and carbs are around 20% or lower, and my protein much higher. On P2 things like coconut oil, seeds, and bananas are not allowed. Are you working with a Dr.? Maybe you have a different protocol other than the original Dr. S "Pounds to inches". Anyway, just some things I noticed...
  2. CBS's Avatar
    Thank you for responding. I have a lot to learn. I am going to get the little booklet out that my doctor gave me. I did look at my smoothie recipe and decided to reduce the calories in it. Coconut oil is okay and I used 1/4 banana...because I read that somewhere. The thing is, plants are carbs and a vegan eats a plant based diet. We will get our fats and proteins from plants. So even though I am eating more fats, they are healthy fats and my carbs are being traded for the meat. I am not getting any unhealthy fats like meat would have. I took my chia seeds out because I saw that I am only getting 6gm of protein per tbsp. This is pretty good in volume, but there are 70 calories per tbsp. I still need my omega 3's...so I think I will probably have to use a processed protein drink to get it....lol, or I will just leave the chia in. It is tough to transfer vegan and SAD...I think it will be worth it. Thanks...I am working on it. 66g of protein seems like a good amount of protein for 500 calories....but maybe not according to Dr. S. I need to go back and look again. Thanks again!!!
  3. Lisa978110's Avatar
    Hey i think it is great that you are doing it Vegan Style! See how you do on Pea Protein, I read the label of the one at the store and I did not buy it because of the carbs. The Jay Robb Shakes are a safe bet, I would not drink them when I am not on the diet. I prefer Raw Protein like Sun Warrior and Garden of Life.
    I love Chia too but they have a lot of fat so I would hold off on them till after P2.
    I would avoid fats even if they are healthy because they can effect your losses. Also the sugar in the bananas can effect them too.

    When in doubt of what to eat, I always do a protein shake and some Kale and put it into my Vitamix and drink that for the day. You can add Strawberries or apple or Grapefruit becasue they are on protocol.
    The Greens have so much extra protein which is awesome.
    The important thing to remember is how this prorotocol works. Which is you eat when you are hungry and that increases your Lepitin levels, because you do not have any fat in your food the body uses your stores of fat to burn.
    I read this book called Weightloss Apocolypse and it helped me learn how this HCG works in your body and why we eat the way they tell you to.
    It sucks to eat such the same stuff for 40 days but you lose the weight quick which is an awesome motivator.
    I know you will do great however you do this! But I understand the Raw Food and Vegan lifestye, I hope I can offer you some tips to be even greater!
  4. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    I think that you are fine with the carbs you are eating being they are plant carbs..Plant carbs usually mean much more fiber and fiber reduces the actual carb count.
  5. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Also my sister did hcg vegan and her go to protein was brown rice protein, she did well!
  6. CBS's Avatar
    Thanks for your input! It is great to hear that someone else dis well!