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Today is a great day!

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Today is a great day because it's a genuinely crap day.
In fact it has been a pretty crap couple of days. But today my first reaction isn't to get some ice cream. It is to work through it.
That is what makes it a great day.

I've been trying to track down my issues with food and weight. I was a very skinny kid. So much so that my extended family worried I wasn't being fed enough. It changed when I was diagnosed with food sensitivities. I was cut off of all sugar and wheat. Which just made me long for sugar and wheat. Whenever I was around taboo foods I would gorge, and then feel guilty. Somehow those foods became my secret friends. I would sneak and hide food. It was something that was just for me, my comfort when no one else could understand. And presto, fat teenager! I was tested again as a young adult and showed no sensitivities to sugar or wheat. I wonder how my life would have been different had I never been tested in the first place. Oh well, no time machine, so the best I can do is to go from here.

So over these 6 weeks of my first round I'm hoping for more than some fast weight loss. I'm going to learn new coping strategies. Food is fuel, food is life. Food is not a therapist. Food can keep the body running, but does nothing for a sad heart or a frustrated soul. Its time to actually work on me, not just my body.

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  1. trwiles's Avatar
    Hi Cello. Welcome!

    I don't know how long you have been on the HCG but if you have just started you are in for a lot of learning about yourself. In this diet you will not be allowed and sugar, wheat, corn or milk. When you start adding those back into your diet pay close attention. I too was diagnosed with food allergies/sensitivities when I was a young child. I have ignored the allergies most of my life and ate what I wanted to. I truly think that they are responsible for how much I have struggled with my weight and difficulty losing and keeping it off. After having been on this diet I know that I cannot have those items without immediate negative results. I gain weight, get irritable, constipated, and have tummy troubles not to mention tired and just generally feel like dukey. I have completely cut all of those items out of my diet for good and feel the best I have in my entire life.

    I am on my second round of HCG right now. I tried having some of those items between rounds and since they hadn't been in my system for over a month when I did it was not pretty at all. Basically what I am saying is just pay attention to your own body and listen to what it tells you. If you really do have sensitivities once you go back to eating those things in P4 you will notice right away if they are bad for you or not. I was able to lose 3 lbs below my LDW in between rounds and stabilize very well. I truly believe it is due to avoiding the foods that I am sensitive to. Having said that your foods might be different from mine but those are my examples.

    You are right about learning the role food plays in your life. You will learn a lot about yourself and the relationship you have with food on this diet. I learned the most about myself during my stalls. It is important in my opinion to keep notes and records and to journal or blog your first round and even subsequent rounds. I did and I am glad that I did. This round is a piece of cake so far because I know what to expect and I can go back and see from my notes when I get frustrated and know that I am right on track. You have come to the right place. You will get a lot of much needed support from this community. Again welcome! I hope this helps a little and good luck!!!!