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Tired of food.

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Welp, here we are. Saturday March 19th and my third loading day. I woke up this morning and was originally going to begin the VLCD but decided to load again, because I barely ate anything yesterday (but what I did eat was pretty fattening)

Yum. So far....I ate granola, yogurt (which was fat free, oops), a banana, an apple.........dang I should probably eat some more fats ! I just....really like bananas, what's a girl to do? Oh and I had a turkey sandwich with chips. And twelve grain bread...just cause I'm gonna miss it. Oh and I had 2 slices of provolone cheese...good girl. Yeah, today was really WW. I need some cheesecake or something...

I'm super excited to get to 137 pounds! I am SO commited this time-------brighter days are on the way. Wish I would have done this back in January...I'd probably be at least 140 by now! Oh well, I have many more years to live....a couple wasted months are going to be nothing in a few years from now.

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Hi there! Does that mean your on VLCD's now? I begin loading tomorrow (Tuesday/Wednesday) and why not eat whatever I want today too! I've heard so many stories about success from eating the most on these two days.....the less hunger the more you eat etc....I want to set myself up good so I'm researching and shopping for my load days-like you, I find it hard to even locate 'fatty' foods in my house. Nothing really temps me, or sounds good....so I've got to plan and shop, and just do it!

    Good luck on this round, and I KNOW you will reach your goals because you sound so motivated and positive- keep it up! Since I will not be sharing my journey with family/friends this is where I will get all my support so stop by sometime!