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  1. HCG Journey - Second&Third Week Report

    From my sixth day on, I'm like on this high right. I mean the first week was sooo horrible and dreadful for me mentally, I wasn't sure if I could do this 40days. By the time the sixth day came with all its clarity and energy, I was loving life and more determined than ever. This continued until I received a knock at my door.

    Oh wow so TOM decided to pop by. I even walked out the door to look around for any sudden surprises -namely something that starts with a "S" and ...
  2. Top Ten List of Inspirations

    10) A person once told me, “The month is still going to pass, now its up to you what you do with that month!” -I hold to that a lot.

    9) To get out of my truck or get up out of my car without the slightest struggle (minor, but really noticeable when I lost weight last time – love that)

    8) To look in the mirror and not want to cry; to hang around my friends and not feel ashamed.

    7) Venus.com catalog - totally my style of clothes! The clothes I love most, ...
  3. HCG Journey - First Week Report

    First two fat days - I apparently didn't fatten up enough . I might have done sort of well the first day, but second day had fried potatoes for breakfast, nothing all day, cj's for dinner and topped it off with a Hershey bar and cheesecake. I didn't care at the time because I was soo excited to get started on the diet! My mistake.

    First day of actual dieting reminded me of that place in the center of the earth with all that fire and stuff - oh yea, hell! Im ashamed to admit, I ...