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HCG Journey - Second&Third Week Report

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From my sixth day on, I'm like on this high right. I mean the first week was sooo horrible and dreadful for me mentally, I wasn't sure if I could do this 40days. By the time the sixth day came with all its clarity and energy, I was loving life and more determined than ever. This continued until I received a knock at my door.

Oh wow so TOM decided to pop by. I even walked out the door to look around for any sudden surprises -namely something that starts with a "S" and ends with a "TALL" lol. Nothing there, but still kept my guard up. Due to my upbringing, hospitality and patience I put on a face and welcomed TOM in. Every morning I would wake up agile as if I was waiting for a sledge hammer to fall out of the sky or something. During the day, I'd check windows and make sure doors were locked; making sure TOM wasn't trying to sneak in a “lil friend”. The freakiest thing, TOM actually gave me no trouble at all. I mean even on my facebook, I posted "nice diet haha expected bloating and instead got loose pants :P takeN TOM down hard at the one yard yine hehe". TOM was being so good, I even felt a wee bit guilty I locked horns from the beginning.

So just as the day was approaching and I was about to say, "ok, Thanks TOM, yeah, its been great.....umm uh ... GOOD RIDDANCE!" TOM drops off "STALL". Ok TOM is an unwelcome guess as it is and now a friend too?? Now I remember why I devours TOM every month! It was a cute lil itty bitty Stall at first, but then got really annoying when it would start skipping around the house following me everywhere singing "Zeeeero, zeeeero, come and get your zero".

At first, I refused to let it bug me. Well, not the first ZERO. After that, I began to let my head hang low. Everyone reporting on threads “Not to worry”, “Be encouraged by your inches”, “It happens to everyone” wasn’t as encouraging as I had hoped. I again, was low on energy, low on hope and depressed. I would have been encouraged by the inches if I HAD ANY. No, instead I blew up and couldn’t fit into the genes I wore when I started out on the diet! At first I just took it one day at a time doing my best not to stress and I was miserable at it. You know how sometimes you have to have something hammered in your head before it sinks in and you believe it, yea well that’s what happened. I finally started receiving the encouragement from all the ladies. I mean REALLY taking it to heart.

If you are a vet or doing this diet with other ladies who are struggling, get on that forum and don’t come back until you encourage, encourage, encourage! I donno what I’d do without ALL my lovely ladies on this forum. The last comment that (I donno, for some reason) bust me out of pitty-prison was from Hachi and Harliechica. Hachi said, “I'm with harleychica. You've lost a whole lot in a short amount of time, chucklemethis, and your body needs to catch up. Namely, your skin. The veterans always talk about letting your skin catch up with your weight loss. It seems P3 is a big period of reshaping, but we have breaks (I refuse to call them stalls) in P2 to catch up as well. Our bodies are probably in shock from what were doing to them: 500 calories, this new hormone introduced, we're forcing our bodies to use the fat it's been hanging onto...our bodies need a break too! People forget that the overall average is the number we need to look at. The .5-.75 daily average isn't a steady number but the final daily average, taking into account that we have had ups and downs in our weight loss.”

These ladies rock! Ok, this is going to totally sound weird, but it’s a true story lol lol lol. Every time I put my water bottle to my mouth I heard that ROCKY song *shut up, you know the one Im referring to. The one with ROCKY running up the stairs. Yea that’s it*. I’d guzzle, guzzle, guzzle and when I stopped -the music stopped…haha. Ok, I’m in my own lil world…but that’s ok. In any case, I was determined to climb those stairs, I mean, I mean, drink my water. TWO DAYS LATER BROKE MY STALL with a .3, .9 and today another .9. BOOOYEAH!!! So I wrote my dear john letter to stall and didn’t shed a tear. Now Im singing, “I aint missin you at all, since you be gone!” haha

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  1. lildevil72's Avatar
    Very funny, and very true! Great job chuckles.
  2. Chucklemethis's Avatar
    thanks lildevil gotta keep up the spirits -know what I mean
  3. jdc's Avatar
    Love your post....such an apt description of it all!!!!!!
  4. Chucklemethis's Avatar
    aww thank you...thats very sweet of you. glad to see the thoughts in my head were able to transfer to paper (so to speak) lol