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HCG Journey - First Week Report

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First two fat days - I apparently didn't fatten up enough . I might have done sort of well the first day, but second day had fried potatoes for breakfast, nothing all day, cj's for dinner and topped it off with a Hershey bar and cheesecake. I didn't care at the time because I was soo excited to get started on the diet! My mistake.

First day of actual dieting reminded me of that place in the center of the earth with all that fire and stuff - oh yea, hell! Im ashamed to admit, I cried that night. I was up all night with a nasty headache, horrific hunger pains, the WORSE craving impulses and cold swets. I scratched the walls, watch tv and cringed through the night fighting every impulse. When I made it through to morning, I commended myself saying, "Dang lady! You're a BEAST!" haha. But seriously, if you are just starting out - FATTEN UP YO!

Third day I had enormous energy and the thought of sugar made me sick to my stomach. I was doing good! Shortly after that, the days to come brought me to my lows. Low on energy. Low on hope. Low on determination. Low on fighting the urges. I made it through one day at a time. I really feel that had A LOT to do with not cleaning colon before hand. I know what it feels like to cleans and that feeling was evident during these days. I don't think it would have nearly have been as easy if I didn't stick to reporting to my FB friends, entering data on my Excel chart, talking to the ladies here on this forum and happily (and most eagerly) updating my ticker daily/uploading photos.

Up to my 5th day, it was s l o w to say the least; however, that 5th evening I had a royal mind altering eye opening experience. I intently focused on all the thin well dressed ladies that crossed my path that day. It HIT me like a ton of bricks. If I could just dedicate a mo. of my life to this, the results would be tremendous and long-lasting. From then, my evening was absolutely filled with hope and determination.

Today, is my sixth day. I feel more than energy: I feel CLARITY. It might be because Im past the detox portion (?) *shruggs*, I donno. I feel like I can breath and I'm actually looking forward to completing the course. I just might be brainwashed at this point *smile*.

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