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Top Ten List of Inspirations

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10) A person once told me, “The month is still going to pass, now its up to you what you do with that month!” -I hold to that a lot.

9) To get out of my truck or get up out of my car without the slightest struggle (minor, but really noticeable when I lost weight last time – love that)

8) To look in the mirror and not want to cry; to hang around my friends and not feel ashamed.

7) Venus.com catalog - totally my style of clothes! The clothes I love most, I will fit into!! Can’t beat that!

6) Health: my body will feel refreshed, it will be cleansed of most toxins, will crave healthier foods, weight stays off (compared to, well, any other diet)

5) Self Esteem; Confidence; To look back and say “You did that!! You’re a beast” haha … Proof to myself and others how determined I can be!

4) Energy; to play with Erika, to get back into dancing, to do extra curricular activities…

3) The way my husband looks at me when I’m thin is indescribable *wink*

2) Facebook, HCG dietinfo Forum, Excel Chart, Ticker, Pictures of the scale -reporting inspires me a lot because if I have nothing to report, ITS A BIG DEAL lol. Plus I look forward to seeing the success during the process while getting encouragement from others along the way

And the number one reason I’m doing this diet (especially at this point in time)

1) Preparing my body to have a healthy pregnancy. Plus, less weight to lose afterwards.

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