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Former Marine fighting fat

Day 1 onf INSANITY!

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So today I started the 'INSANITY!' workouts. Protocol says that if you workout before hcg, you can continue to do so while you're on it. I workout everyday, and the insanity workouts will possibly be an addition to my regular workouts. I haven't felt sluggish at all, and forgot to eat until, well now (almost 4pm) since I generally have a hard time eating before workouts. I'm going to continue the hcg until I reach 145lbs or 23 days, whichever comes first. My ideal weight according to bmi calculator is 138, but I think around 145 I won't get optimal results from it, says my body fat percentage will be down so much
I was wondering, does anyone else do vigorous workouts while on hcg? I'm a bodypump and spin fanatic, so this isn't too big of a change.
I've also been mixing veggies-not a ton of anything though, but I like to sautee steak or chcken with chili powder, and throw some onion in there, and sometimes even a half cup of bell peppers-I know, off protocol-and I wrap it in about 3 leafs of romaine...mmmmm.
Still having a difficult time in the evenings, I found that if I watch tv at nght in bed instead of on the couch I wont be tempted to eat everytime I walk by the fridge on the way to the bathroom (which I walk by A LOT these days!)

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  1. maggiep's Avatar
    Whoot INSANITY! Sounds awesome! I've wanted to try it so often!

    I too work out on hcg, though lightly.

    Also I mix veggies - shrimp kabobs are a favorite