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Former Marine fighting fat

One year since round one

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So with diet and exercise I have maintained my weight from hcg. Dieting has been a lot harder than the strict rules of the hcg diet. I lost 14 on the first 23 day round, and only 7 on the 2nd round which was last spring. I spent a lot more time working out, running, hiking, and ice skating since then. I also hired a personal trainer when my own workouts didnt make my muscles burn anymore. So I just ordered a 23 day round of hcg injections and am looking forward to having a routine of weighing food and eating super healthy again.

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  1. RKGina's Avatar
    How was it keeping the weight off? My issue is exercising. I mountain bike which I have been away from for quite awhile but I have decided o get back into it. The weather is a bit chilly here ( in the 50`s) so it will be another month or two before I start. I am about a week and a half from completing round two of the injections and have it a stall. I am thinking it might be my cycle, which I am one week away from, but its so discouraging!
  2. chunkynomore's Avatar
    I wouldn't start working out if you haven't been this round. I was fine with keeping it off, with the exception of getting stoned and eating everything in the house, those few times set me back quite a bit. You have to want it bad enough, mountain biking every now and then isn't enough. Neither is procrastinating until 'the weather clears up'. Just to MAINTAIN my weight I workout 6 days a week (3 of which are with a personal trainer) and stick to 1200 calories. At this point I'm trying to build muscle and endurance and am not concerned with what I see on the scale. Working out is a lifestyle change, and harder to stick through than a month of giving yourself shots and sticking to a strict diet regime.