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Former Marine fighting fat

Third try at my 2nd cycle

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Not sure who is on here from a year ago when I had my successful round, so I'll recap. First round I lost 22lbs, kept it off, felt great, started at 125ius (I do injections) and upped it to 175 and it went great. 2nd cycle I lost about 8 within a week and a half, and stopped injections, went to phase 3, got a tummy tuck as it had been a total of 100lbs that I lost (70 of it from changing diet and exercising) and had a lot of nasty loose skin. So that was my 1st failed attempt at round 2.
The second attempt was this past February, I had ordered my hcg, weighed all of my meat and froze it, was pumped, then my cousin killed himself and I ate mass quantities of junk, including fudge by the pound.
This past spring I've been very active, got into cycling and even did my first triathlon! Yay me! I've been eating healthy, big breakfasts with lots of protein, not a lot of carbs, so that I can build some muscle, but no matter how many Jillian Michaels books I read, or bodypump and spin classes I take, I can't seem to shake off this fat! So I'm giving this one last go, if it works like it did the first time than I'll do it again though. Actually, if I can stick to it like I could the first time than I will. I know it's me that's the problem, and my lack of commitment, not the hcg.
So here are my numbers-
LIW from round 1- 159
Pre load weight- 165
Post load weight-170
Today's meals-
**I DO mix veggies on occasion, did the first round, and have an idea of what I can and can't mix
100 g chicken breast, grilled on foreman
1 cup chopped strawberries
1 grissini stick (like croutons)
2 cups mixed salad greens (arugula and romaine)
2 TBSP Apple cider vinegar for dressing
260 cals
Snack-1 apple-80 cals
100g top sirloin steak
1 grissini
1/2 tomato
garlic, chili powder, lemon juice
230 cals

Total days caloric intake -570
What do others have as steak calories? I've read a few different things and am going off of 100g being 200 calories. Does this sound right? I was also wondering if others tend to exceed the 500 calorie limit? In the manuscript it says to stay within the 500 calorie limit, and I'm just wondering how this is possible if the caloric calculations that I'm using are correct?

Oh! And I made my goal for the tri which was to finish-I also didn't come in last! I got 116th out of 119!!!
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