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Former Marine fighting fat

Time goes soooo sloooowwww!!!!

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Day 4 of the VLCD and it's going so sloooowww!!! I was hungry in the beginning until I got my dose right, last cycle 175 worked, and I'm not hungry with that dose now. Being someone that LOVES to cook and bake I'm having a hard time though. I usually bake and cook for others, and am continuing to cook usual stuff for my son (last night I made spag sauce and meatballs stuffed with feta for him) but I miss being creative in the kitchen. Headed to Barnes and Noble in a bit to get a hcg cookbook, but I'm fairly certain that almost all of them don't follow protocol.
Does anyone know of a decent hcg p2 cookbook that doesn't mix veggies?
I'm still a fan of my salad though- romaine with strawberries, grilled chicken (seasoned with garlic salt and chili powder) and apple cider vinegar as dressing.
Pre load-167
P2D2-164.4 (-2.6)
P2D3-162.4 (-2.0)
P2D4-161.4 (-1.0)
P2D5-161.4 (no change)

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  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    Hey - congrats on day 4. Yes - time goes slowly at first. Once you get closer to the end of P2 - strangely - you'll probably regret that it's coming to an end.

    For HCG cooking without mixing veg - I just made stuff up. Tomatoes in a pan with water and basil - cooked down - or grilled. (I found tomatoes to be the most flexible for cooking). Spinach lightly boiled with oregano and some rosemary. Shrimp cooked right in onions with garlic salt and lots of water - in a pan until the water was all gone (made a great sauce for the shrimp that was absolutely delectable). Chicken with slices of orange on top and some parsely - also amazing when served on a bed of spinach or lettuce.

    Sometimes I'd get a bit crazy and mix strawberries with fish and a bit of sea salt and lay it over a bed of raw veg.

    I think there are some recipes on this site - but I never tried any of them (except cocoa crack in P3 - which is just plain amazing and worth waiting all of P2 to try out).

    Good luck marine! Your fat is in a losing fight.
  2. maggiep's Avatar
    mmmm chicken strawberry salad sounds amazing!