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Former Marine fighting fat

Update- 2 rounds of hcg done

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So I finally lost enough weight to get a tummy tuck, and had it done on Wednesday! So excited and just wanted to update people on here. Tummy tuck is not for weight loss, just getting rid of the extra loose skin I had from losing so much on HCG and c section.
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Updated April 13th, 2012 at 08:23 PM by chunkynomore



  1. Faithful's Avatar
    Hope you heal quickly and without complications.
    Curious... how much weight did you lose?
  2. chunkynomore's Avatar
    25 the first round, the second round I had issues with dosing, but only lost seven. Im not sure how much they took off in skin and with drains and swelling Im not really sure what my current weight is
  3. iHCG's Avatar
    how much did it cost? looks good i had 4 c sections and so much extra skin i want 2 do this also did it hurt etc how did you pay it thanks so much !
  4. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Tummy tucks cost anywhere from 5k-9k. It leaves a very tight feeling and thats pretty uncomfortable, and your back will hurt from walking hunched over for so long, but the actual incision pain only lasts a few days and is fairly numb. As for how I paid it ummmm I saved up money. lol not sure how to answer that.
  5. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Check out realself.com. Its a site very similar to this for plastic surgery and they have forums, blogs and reviews on different procedures.
  6. iHCG's Avatar
    ok what did you pay lol i have $$ i was curious if you payed or insurance
  7. chunkynomore's Avatar
    I paid for it. Like I said, depending on where you live it can be anywhere from 5k-9k. It also depends on the surgeon. Most do free consults and can give you a price.