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Here we go again! VLCD3

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So I did hcg injections a year ago and lost 22 lbs and kept it off. I became a gym rat, toned myself up, but am still overweight, so trying what worked before. My LIW from last round was 159. Then 2 weeks ago my cousin who was like a brother shot himself in the head. So I went to emotional eating, and gained 7lbs in 5 days, but under the circumstances I'm not angry with myself for it. I wanted to do hcg to have something to distract me from the stress of everything, as well as to lose more weight. In addition to that, last year the kindness of strangers got me very far, and this site is excellent for support.
So my only problem so far is that I'm sooooo hungry! I've been doing 125 IUs, and I believe I did 175 last round, so I think I'm going to up it tomorrow. I know that hunger is usually a sign of too high a dose, but I'm going to take my chances with trial and error.
Here's my numbers so far-
VLCD 1-166 (same as pre load)
VLCD 2-165.2
VLCD 3-162.8

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  1. pookster's Avatar
    I hear ya chunky.. I cant help with dosing cause I do homeo drops.. but I just finished my first P2 and the kindness of strangers sure got me to the end. Without question. Good luck to you .. you sound like your on the right track.
  2. Texasyaya's Avatar
    Good luck! So sorry for your loss. I am on day 10. I am on 150. I am doing a doc supervised. Not that I ever see him.