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Coach Avel

Dietdoc | Your Weight Loss Coach: Avel

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Each individual has different issues in losing weight, others would have more than one issue that are easy to resolve and some have just one that take extra time and effort in resolving.

As a Weight Loss Coach I help my patients get to the root-cause of their weight loss issues and create a program that targets their main struggles as a long-term solution through a one-on-one session. I also make sure that their goals set are SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound, this way we remain focus and eliminate the chances of getting side-tracked.

My patients also understand that losing weight is just a fraction of the target because all these are to make sure we stay healthy, feel better about ourselves and live a longer and happier life.

I make myself to be always available for my patients to make sure that they are supported 100% of the way.

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