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Coco Chanel

  1. VLCD 14 - Slight gain 0.4

    Went from 229 to 229.4, but I don't consider this real gain - I'm a bit backed up (ugh, sorry - TMI). I would consider this a no gain/no loss at best.
    I know I keep harping on this, but for me sleep is one major key - good sleep. I wear my sleep on my face, and today I was appalled when I looked in the mirror at the zombie eyes I woke up with. It's a wicked sinus infection - the swelling and agitation is so bad it feels like my upper teeth are being pushed out. I am ...
  2. VLCD 13 - 17.8 down - Blog, Cute Story, New Strategy & The Numbers

    Blog: 229.00 It has been almost a year since I've seen the 220's - I was stuck at 232-236 for a long time last year. I feel better now that I'm moving toward numbers that are relatively new for me. I was feeling guilty for using this protocol to lose the weight that I had lost on my own previously, but the high losses have been encouraging. If I can get to the 210's, I'll be pretty thrilled! Also, bacon is my kryptonite. Family left bacon crumbles out, and I ended up snagging a few pieces. ...

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  3. VLCD 11 - 14.8 Down, Resuming Shots Tomorrow -

    14.8 down - hungry, as I'm off the shots.
    I believe I'm supposed to just start right back up with the shots tomorrow, but I saw another post that made me wonder if I'm supposed to do a steak day?
    The weight has still been coming off, so it isn't a stall. Although I'm also not sure if the weight I lose is sustainable weight loss or some tricky no-hcg fluctuation.
    Side note: a little garlic salt on a melba toast made my day today!
  4. VLCD 9 - and no HCG shot

    So it's that time of the 'month.' And by month, I mean one of the 4 periods I have during the year at random times.
    Horrible timing, but it is always wildly unpredictable.
    The clinic has said that I must stop the injections for three days. The forums seem to say that is a bunch of hooey, but I'm going to stick to the office's recommendation. Not excited for the next three days - if I had the mental fortitude to eat a 500 calorie diet without hormone intervention I wouldn't need to ...
  5. VLCD 8 - 11.8 down - Poor Sleep & First "Counseling" Session

    Down only 0.4 this morning.
    DH reports that I slept like I was possessed by a tornado last night - I don't feel more tired than usual, but that doesn't say much. I know restless sleep is not good sleep. Hopefully sleep had something to do with it. In retrospect, the shots have made me feel much more energetic, so I suppose by recent standards I was pretty beat today.

    I went back to the weight loss office today for my first "counseling" session. Total ripoff, ...
  6. VLCD 7 - 11.4 down so far - only 30 days until LIW!

    VLCD 7 - 2.4 Pounds down this morning! I find myself struggling with boredom and stress eating, but I'm still not experiencing hunger.
    I'm really stressed, and haven't been sleeping well but last night I slept 8.5 hours, and it shows in the numbers.
    For lunch I'm increasing protein by 0.5 after shoveling snow all morning to compensate.
    My 50 pound goal is my super high goal - I'm keeping 35 as my ambitious but feasible goal. This is my first time, so I thought I'd shoot high. ...
  7. Lean Ground Beef...

    I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to eat before researching, but I tried the 97/3 ground beef last night - my information says lean beef, and I can't find anything leaner.
    I carefully weighed it out and cooked it.
    This morning I was disappointed by my minuscule overnight weight loss, then looked up the calorie count of the beef. Which frustrated me - I was still under 500 calories, but I've been running under 400 and on this scale 50/60 calories may be a big deal. ...

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