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Coco Chanel

VLCD 13 - 17.8 down - Blog, Cute Story, New Strategy & The Numbers

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Blog: 229.00 It has been almost a year since I've seen the 220's - I was stuck at 232-236 for a long time last year. I feel better now that I'm moving toward numbers that are relatively new for me. I was feeling guilty for using this protocol to lose the weight that I had lost on my own previously, but the high losses have been encouraging. If I can get to the 210's, I'll be pretty thrilled! Also, bacon is my kryptonite. Family left bacon crumbles out, and I ended up snagging a few pieces. Need to shore up my resolve...

Funny Story: I manage operations at a company, and I have been sad that no one seemed to notice my weight loss. While I was working on our annual harassment training power point it dawned on me that no one wants to be the one that tells the new HR lady that she looks good or has lost weight if they don't know she's trying to lose weight. lol

Strategy Note: I think I'm going to extend this round by six days - if my weight loss ends up at 1 per day, I'll need at least 6 days more to hit my round one goal. By being strategic now, I think I can do it without much disruption. I think I'll do two rounds of 6 days and take 2 days off after each, alternated with two rounds of 7 days taking 2 days off after each (except the final 7 day, which will end with the three day no-shots already built into the plan prior to Phase 3. Open to thoughts on this...

The Numbers
DAY---Weight-----Diff-------Total----Avg-------To Goal
9--------234.60-----0.40-----12.20--1.36---34.60 (no shot - TOM)
10------233.60-----1.00-----13.20--1.32----33.60 (no shot - TOM)
11------232.00-----1.60-----14.80--1.35----32.00 (no shot - TOM)


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Updated March 7th, 2015 at 12:35 PM by Coco Chanel