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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks Deanna, I didn't know if anyone ever read my blog! Ha. We are both doing great. Your stabilization is going well, glad to hear that. I watch for your postings on the forums, so glad to read when you check in.
  2. Deanna Jane's Avatar
    Good job, Doubles!!! I am so proud of you going thru PI and maintaining. Yes, you are right about the mentality of going back into P2, and keeping focused. It wasn’t really there for me either and the dosage hunger thing had me crazy. Oh, well I survived and moved to P3 and have been maintaining my weight at 189 to 190 pounds. Keep me posted on your progress, Dubbles.
  3. Betterdays's Avatar
    Thank you for all your advice! The place I got my HCG njections from gave me a diet plan much like you described and it made me nervous. I didn’t remember doing phase 3 like that the first time, but honestly I didn’t remember much. They also had a lot more veggies and fruits on phase 2 which I’m not allowing and they suggested more calories/day than the 500. I told them I’d probably be sticking closer to original protocol and I have. I’m going to be pouring over your posts. You really know what you’re talking about! Thank you for all your info!