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New Country, New Job, New Home.....heck let's shoot for new body!

Given the circumstances I was good...

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I was doing so well... My hubby even gave me a stuffed monkey that has candy and I haven't toched the sweets (although if one can mentally absorb something I would have after staring at them for 10 mins with my super powers) but I put it up on a shelf and went on with protocol.

Then he surprised me by picking me up in the evening and driving me to the beach. We went to our favorite restaurant there, Flamingos. Here in the Yucatan the tradition is lots of botanas (appetizer goodies) I watched as they brought out home baked bread, tortilla chips bean dip, salsa... I touched none of it.... then they brought out our shrimp ceviche... I had a few shrimp.... I ordered a shrimp coctail and diet coke. I touched nothing else.... I watched my hubby eat his gorgeous Flamingos seafood relleno (a mixture of seafood wrapped in a breading deep fried then covered with a creamy sauce).

I know there was probably too much sugar in the coctail sauce and of course the sodium content in soda. So I was anticipating ugliness on the scale today. The scale did not move so I am content. I will take no loss over a gain.

Back on the wagon.

Have a lovely day all!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Absolutely, u had a victory considering all the temptations put in front of u. Way to go, Deb. Surely the scale fairies will reward u in the a.m. Pulling for u.
  2. bclevi's Avatar
    I like your will power! Talk about temptation