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feeling BLAH at end of Load day 2??

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Hello there!!

this is (almost) the end of my load day 2 and I feel sooo Blah, I normally dont eat this much food high in fat. I full EXTREMELY full and cant stand it! besides I had my gallbladder taken out few years back so I have always had to control the amount of fats I ate, so now I am dreading the next few days with the fats that I have eaten.

Also I am VERY concerned for some reason that after eating all this food that I may not see a drop in weight in the next few days. I have read over a 100 post saying that many do loose the few pounds that they gain on LOAD days, so I am hoping that I do too, so far have only gained 1lb this morning so we will see how much I gained today tomorrow morning. Its just in the past its always seems so hard just to loose a few pounds that it ALMOST feels unreal that the weight just kinda melts off... lol

Also I calculated the calories that I will be eating tomorrow on my first VLCD and I am coming up to about 450 calories, is that bad... do I need to add more?? I am doing the right measurements, will that cause a problem?

another thing is I experience some "tingling" under my tongue while I am holding the drops there for the minimum of 15 seconds, is anyone else experiencing this? I think maybe its because of the alcohol in the drops and being under the tongue?? idk any insight would be great!

last but not least is it ok to use the strevia on the phase 2? I cant remember

Thanks for all your support, help and opinions


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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    It's the alcohol in the drops causing the stinging. That's ok.
    U will lose your load weight, promise.
    450 calories is all right, u don't have to get exactly 500 cal. in.
    And, lastly, I use stevia. The liquid more than the powdered.

    I think after loading almost everyone is a little nervous, relax, I promise u will lose that load weight. This is an awesome protocol, give it a chance and I think u'll think so too.
  2. dmejia411's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the encouragement!! I will stay focused. thank god I found this site!