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Day 20

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Morning Weight: 176.4 (down 0.6) 10.4 bs total

I went to yoga class last night and I feel great and well rested this morning. I originally planned to do 21 days but I was informed and read that 23 is the minimum number of days. I am 11.4 lbs from my theoretical goal weight and 4.4 pounds from my weight 10 months ago. I want to be able to eat P2 the day or two before my 10K on 2-26-11 because I can only do 2-3 miles on this low calorie diet. I think Sunday will be my last day on the drops and Wednesday with be my last day on P2.

What matters more, my fitness goals or my weight goal?

Will I lose weight my last VLCD days without the drops?

I really want to get to 170-172 lbs. I am 5'6.5" and my BMI chart says I need to be under to 157 pounds to be in the upper end of my normal range. I am stocky and have a good amount of muscle mass (149lbs LBM) and would be super lean (5% body fat) at that weight.


Turkey Pattie
10 Cherub Tomatoes
1 Grissini Stick

2 Cans of Chunk Light Tuna (2.7oz eacH)
1 Grissini Stick


Jog 4.1 mi

Post Workout:
Turkey Pattie

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Updated February 17th, 2011 at 08:07 PM by bclevi



  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I personally think it should be more about being fit, than a number on the scale. Don't u. From your photos u look very fit, to me. You definitel need to be eating more to do that 10K you're talking about at the end of the month. Just my opinion. Bryan, U've done great, I always read your blog but don't usually comment as it seems more of a journal for your benefit and reference. Way to go.