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Day 16

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Good Morning!
Starting my Friday with a BANG! I am down 2 lbs this morning!! Yesterday was my first day to skip a dose of HCG, and I don’t know if it was psychological, but man I was hungry towards the end of the day!! I had to stop at the grocery store on my way home, and I picked up a rotisserie chicken for the family....I know the breast is supposed to be separated from chicken prior to cooking, but I was starving....so I just pulled off the skin, and ate a small portion. I didn’t have the time to cook any veggies, so they were skipped last night....and I had 2 glasses of red wine. I have no idea how this is working, but where I have been normally seeing a 1lb drop every day, I saw 2lbs this morning. I wonder if this will affect me in the long run, when I try and stabilize on P3 or P4?? Not gonna complain about it right now though!!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Congrats on the 2 lbs! Thats a big loss in one day. You may or may not stall or gain a little back tomorrow or the next day, but trust me, it all equals out in the end. I lost 1.3 yesterday gained 0.1 today but I am in my 6th week so that has been my routine the past 2 weeks, gain a little, lose a big number. Best wishes for your continued success!