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Oh a little lesson on keeping the kiddo's safe.

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Just want to take a sec and say for those of you with small young ones... Friday while I was at work DS and daddy were outside playing. DS wanted an ice cicle sword and daddy wasn't quick enough so he helped himself. A HUGE chunk of ice fell on him as he pulled the 'sword' off the eaves. He has one hell of a shiner and bruises and cuts on his forhead, his cheek, and scariest of all, the worst of the abrasions are on his upper and lower eyelid. We are so fortunate he managed to get that eye closed and nothing penetrated. So..... If your kids are out tell them to be careful of the ice cicles.
Yeah I got my own ice cicles all the time when I was a kid and never avalanched the roof but.... I'm just sayin...... you never know and that would have never occured to me as being a danger to my baby.
The ouchie <-- click for pic. Didn't want to put the pic for you squeamish ones. LOL Pretty scary though

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Updated February 13th, 2011 at 02:06 PM by Feisty



  1. barblg's Avatar
    those things can be so dangerous! we have a bunch of ice 'swords' on our roof and we are having a thaw so today is going to be tricky walking around in my city. so glad he didn't poke his eye out and at least he didn't stick his tongue on a light pole and get is stuck!
  2. ginal5's Avatar
    OMG Feisty that must of scared the shiloh out of you! Thank goodness he's just a bit banged up, you were very lucky. That wet snow is HEAVY!

    Have a safe Sunday.
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    Yes, those eaves, as they are melting can be very dangerous. Glad D. is ok, though banged up. Hugs to him.
  4. Katrina's Avatar
    Yikes Fiesty...so glad he's okay. Y'all get alot more snow than we do. All this snow has really been weird for Mississippi. Can't help but laugh at barblg comment about the tongue on the pole comment. That's one of those scenes from Dumb and Dumber that will stay with us forever.
  5. jdc's Avatar
    Thank goodness he is ok. What a scare for sure! Having grown up in the midwest and now living in San Francisco, I have to tell you I don't miss the snow and ice. Sorry, not trying to rub it in. Big hug for your son.
  6. Feisty's Avatar
    I got put a pic of DS's ouchie up... It really is too close for comfort.
  7. Catthai's Avatar
    Scary. And a close call (he's one lucky guy). Apologies, I won't look at the photo because I have a weak stomach and can't handle hurts (I'm a wimp).