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New Country, New Job, New Home.....heck let's shoot for new body!

OK I am done pouting.

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I stopped posting for a few days because PMS had me on a weight rollercoaster and also an emotional rollercoaster. One night I broke down with a spoon and a bottle of peanut butter and said to hell with it. My husband walked in to me watching Supernanny pouting sucking on a peanut butter laden spoon, peanut butter on my knuckles (it was a costco super Jiff Jug) talking to the TV. I looked at him and grunted "wuth?" ....He reminded me that I should do what ever made me feel good... and then I realized that licking residual PB from between my fingers wasn't going to make me happy longer than those 10 mins of binging.

So I put the Jug'O' fun back on the kitchen shelf and I got back on the wagon. I am happy to say that after a few punitive days I have now reached that elusive 20 lb mark.


I only have enough HCG for it looks like another week. I hope to shrug a few more lbs until P3. I will do another round of HCG after that and then I am going to go from there into a regime of of excercise and eating properly and see how it goes.

I hope all have a great day

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  1. tnsweetness's Avatar
    Congrats on hitting the 20 lb mark!! It makes you feel amazing doesnt it! ;D
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good job, Deb. 20 lbs. is a bench mark loss for most of us. Way to go on refocusing! You can do this. You deserve to for yourself.