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Why is this Working??

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Hi guys I just want to let you guys know that I am curenntly P2R2VLCD 10 and I'm down 16.3 pounds.WTF.. Now here's where the problem come in at I start this round at 204.8 with loading I went to 212.6 yea I know, and now im 196.3 im not sure if this is really real. But I guess it it cause my clothes are sagging,but here's the bad part for four days in a roll I must confess I cheated everyday the whole day I have everything you can think to eat I ATE. But the craziest things was after each day I woke up to two to three pounds of weight loss.I'm just not understanding this the first round I cheated and gain but this time I am just losing more weight and i know I am cause half of my closet is up for sale so it's working. But I would just like for someone to tell me how and why is this diet still doing it part when im not doing the right things....

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    I don't understand that either. Unless before you went on the hcg you ate a whole, whole lot, and you're now having a lot less calories, even if not in the 500 vlc range? I'm glad you're losing, but I wouldn't expect it to keep up, if you're not doing the protocol correctly.