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Met my 2nd goal - No longer Obese!!!

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This has been a strange week for me. I have lost more this week than I have any other week other than week 1??? I just don't get it. Have been doing the same thing I have done all along. But overnight last night lost 2.4??!! after a 1lb loss yesterday?? I'm not complaining but can't quite figure the "science" out on this one.

The only thing I can think of is that I have been retaining water over the past week or so and finally the "dam" burst. So - as of today - I am "overweight" and no longer obese! So happy about this I haven't weighed this for about 7 years and I am just finishing up my second 5000iu vial which will put me on P3 probably sometime next week. I am so ready. I really want to see if I can maintain before taking on another round.

I had I guess what you would call a cheat yesterday. Son bought a veggie burrito at Qdoba and asked for Guacamole on the side. I had 1T of it last night and enjoyed every morsel. Fiesty had commented earlier in my round that sometimes a bit of fat stirs things up - I'm thinking that may have been what happened.

Looking forward to next week and the break that is soon to come (although I kinda like the weight loss I had this week too!!!)

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  1. nkaye79's Avatar
    That is so exciting way to go!!
  2. Beth_M's Avatar
    Whoohooo.. all those milestones sure add up!