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R1 p3d6

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Last night we went to Ted's parents for my early birthday dinner and to announce our engagement. His mom made chicken I could have, but the veggies were creamed corn, pickled beets, and carrots. >.< Also she made me brownies for my "birthday cake" so I was definitely off the wagon last night. This morning I was up 1.8 pounds from my LDW, yesterday I was 1 pound under my LDW! So almost 3 pounds in one day. Today I am eating normal P3 and if I'm over 2 pounds from LDW tomorrow I will just do a steak day, I haven't needed to yet.

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Tags: phase3, round1


  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Hopefully tomorrow, the gain will be gone, and a steak day won't be necessary. I'd try and drink lots of water today. Good luck. You know, celebrations, events happen, and we'll enjoy them sometimes. A gain is worth it sometimes. Kwim?
  2. Qwinne's Avatar
    I hope a steak day won't be necessary but if it is, it is! I do know what ya mean and I know my relationship with food has already changed from doing this protocol. I took a small brownie and enjoyed it slowly and didn't feel the need for more at all!