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Just don't cheat. So not worth it.

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Wow. I had a little cheat on vacation this weekend and it not only put me up 2lbs, but they're not coming off easily! Cripes!! Sometimes I just don't get this diet. I was sure it was water weight and was going to come off yesterday. No dice.

Up until I went away I was a lean, mean weight loss machine, totally on-point, rocking 1 lb a day in my last week. Then came the travel and it totally threw me off. My last injection was yesterday, and I am extremely hungry, and hoping I don't get hungrier as the 3 days go on.

That's IT! As of this blog, no more complaining. I'm letting go. It is what it is, I'm not going to be tied to the outcome or obsessed with losses as of today. (For this round, at least. )

Roast chicken, brussels sprouts with butter and salad with real balsamic emulsion dressing (purchased at my favorite local italian restaurant) on deck for Friday! Oh WAIT! No, THURSDAY. WOW. I just realized I have one less day to P3! Wheeeeeee! Things are getting better already!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Just hope for some losses on your days without hcg. It will give you a cushion for maintainence. I didn't lose but .6, or .8 after stopping the hcg, and now p3 is kicking my butt. Without that cushioning, it's a struggle--so stay focused for the next two days. You'll be glad u did!
  2. believe_it's Avatar
    Oh, no! Dubbles, have you thought about adjusting your liw upward?
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    I'm thinking about it, believe it, (luv that name). It seems almost impossible without moving it up just a lb. maybe. kwim?