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Catching up

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I've seen so many people sdo so well with a journal blog, I think its a good thing that I do the same. I seem to be doing pretty well and am trying to remember that any loss is a victory and I shouldn't be concerned wiht the idea that I am "supposed" to be losing at a higher rate. I also am going t try my hardest to not use the word "should" because my doctor says that I may be setting myself up to feel like a failure. I should do this, I should do that...its not a healthy way to think becaue where I am is where I am and what I am doing is base off of a phrase I heard somewhere on this site. The saying was, "Dieting is hard, being FAT is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD." So I am trying to keep in mind that if I take another path anytime during the day, I know that that lifestyle may be easier but the outcome is much harder to deal with. Dieting is hard everyday, but the benifits are really sooooo fantastic! I pray to God that he will give me the strength and will to get me where I need to be.

I'm worried about today because I have two castings in NYC and am worried I am going to be home late.

I would like to also saythat tis morning I did not have the energy I really needed. I live on the third floor and it usually isn't so difficult to climb those stairs but this morning, I felt like I was a 50 year old smoker.

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  1. Tate's Avatar
    "Dieting is hard, being FAT is hard. CHOOSE YOUR HARD." GREAT quote! Very good to remember, for myself. I started doing the blog journal, and I must say it has helped me a lot. I look forward to blogging each morning; it really helps to keep me on track. You are doing great, and I like how you are focusing on a positive mindset. This is a VERY mental process. If I can keep my head in the game, I do great. It's all about what's in our heads!!!

    As for the energy, I find mine comes and goes. Some days, I feel great and like I have tons of energy. But then other days....well, one day I was doing laundry after going up and down the stairs a few times and my legs actually buckled underneath me and I fell because I was so fatigued! Crazy. But I have found that coffee helps me a lot!

    Hang in there, and thanks for sharing your post. Good luck today on your castings. Sounds exciting.
  2. i8it's Avatar
    Hello Marisa! So u started blogging! Good on you and great stuff. Like Tate, I also like to blog but mostly on my weight, stuff I ate and mental notes...trying to be accountable for my diet and keep me in line. Hehe! I think my rantings is mostly cos the damn scales...nah! This damn body refuses to let go some fats!

    Btw, God is good. Ask and you shall receive...find strength in Him in your moments of need - u know what I am talking about. I shall pray for you too . Happy blogging! Btw, you are my vlcd buddy - lol...just take note of that :-)