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This is a mind game and I will win

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You know I am relly exited about these forums because just when you think you are going to go shove some General Tso's down my throat (and back up again), I read beautiful, funny, inspiring message from women who I would like to be more like.
Today wasn't hasn't been too difficult except for this morning when I was struck with greif thinking about me ex boyfriend. I wanted so bad to eat the danishes that they have here at work but I didn't do it. I did pray to God right before I started this diet that I would be strong and see it through to the end. I can't fail, I wont fail. I dont care how strong my Bulimia is, I will be strong and stronger as the days pass and she will be weaker and insignificant when I am finished. My belly is full of strength, and love and hope. Most important is that I have the desire to be better and more alive. I thank God for helping me find such wonderful people to help guide me through this transition.

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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Melusinebeauty, GOOD For you! Love your attitude! No doubt you will help others as well as them helping you! Great will power and keep it up! You will be forever grateful! Loved your heartfelt blog! Sounds like you are going to nail this diet with such a positive mindset! You go girl!
  2. Dubbles's Avatar
    You can do this. None of us having any extra special powers. Well, maybe the hcg is our special powers. lol. It just takes committment and focus. Getting skinny, looking great is great revenge on unhappy relationship. Even if just for you. I may be speaking totally out of turn there, as I really don't know what happened with your ex. Still looking good, feeling good about yourself will only be better for your self-esteem. Hang in there, use the blogs and forums as much as u can.!
  3. susanbaz's Avatar
    Your title says what I wish Dr. S & Dr. T had said....getting through P2, and getting alot out of it really is a mind game. And this forum is mind medicine for sure!
  4. i8it's Avatar
    We will get there babe. To do the vlcd takes so much will power & determination. If vlcd can be done, bulimia can be beaten. After all, you are having such great loss, why screw that up? Good for you for not falling into temptation. I love Danish too..cream cheese Danish with black coffee...and I think...I have eaten that a zillion times and I will give it a miss this time..it's gonna taste the same & I will only feel bad later for letting myself down on the diet.

    Marisa, I like Dubbles....she is such a feisty motivator!
  5. MelusineBEAUTY's Avatar
    I love all of you soooooooo much! (((((HUGGGIES)))))))