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Finally! LIW....

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I have finally finished my vial so today was my last injection weight day. Overall I am so pleased with how this round went (38lbs total in 66 days). There is no way I could have done this without the hcg killing the hunger. I am ready to stabilize now, moving into P3/P4 and then ready for round 2! Already have my hcg supplies. I am really looking forward to the next round and I will finally be able to see quite a difference when I finish it. I mean, I had a lot of weight to lose and so I know I look different now but I think it is not enough for someone to say "wow! she lost all her weight". I feel 100% better and just a bit nervous about being able to stabilize but ready to give it my all. I love how the forum has so much info about each phase and how you can always find a group that is where you are in the process!

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Updated March 12th, 2011 at 04:57 PM by NewMe2011

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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    That's fantastic! I had a long P2 as well - 57 days - and I didn't really want to leave P2 but I'm biding my time in P3, waiting to go back.

    Btw - after I got over the hurdle of P3 (learning curve) I'm now as happy in P3 as I was in P2. After my initial snafu (self induced) I worked it out and even though I don't have the YAHOOOOO!!! of losing weight most days, there is the YAAHOOOOO!! of staying steady while increasing what I'm eating.
  2. MarchMadness's Avatar