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1 Pound!!!

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I saw my first pound just elt away. I got up this morning wiehgt myself and the scale said 243.6. Yeah Me!!!! I cant wait to get ack on that scale tomorrow. I realy psyc about the end of this week. I can't wait to report the progress. Ofcourse my scale moves from loosing 1 pound to gaining it back all in the same day but Im looking on the positive side. This is day 2 of P1. I will report back day 3 of the 500 cal diet. Im so excited!!!![email protected]

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  1. LylaLexie's Avatar
    awesome!!! glad to hear on the progress. i just finished my first week and lost over 9 pounds so far, so i want to encourage you to KEEP IT UP! its worth it :-) i know what you mean about the scale though, if i dont weigh myself before i eat or drink anything the scale gives me whacky numbers. so now i weigh myself when i first wake up and then wont step on it again until the next day. great work!!
  2. TySummers77's Avatar
    Thanks for the well wishes. I really need them. My hubby dont support this diet. Well if he doesnt suggest anything he wont support it. Thasts ok though I have u guys and my boys they are supporting me. I told them my schedule and they are always watching the closck asking me had I taken my medicine..lol Them they will ask me have I got on the bike or treadmill...lol They are ages 11, 9 and 17..They want me to lose this weight..lol