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Call me "the train"

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Because I am going to keep chugging along! Choo Choo!!!!

Down another 1 lb today, feels great. 18 lb in 12 days is AMAZING!

I have figured out what my goal is. My family goes to San Clemente State Beach in southern California every summer. Well this year I want to be able to wear a bikini, or a tankini. I don't have to be down to my goal, 140, to wear a 2-piece. I don't want to put that much pressure on myself but I do want to feel comfortable and confident enough to wear a 2-piece.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how to insert an animated smiley? I can't figure it out...

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    You said it all....wanting to feel comfortable with your fam in a swimsuit! We live on a private lake, and i'm at the water ALL summer long. It's hard to be self-conscious all the time. I'm tired of it. I would rather spend the time prepping my foods then searching for a swimsuit or clothes that I'm comfortable in! You've done amazing. Keep up the hard work.

    Come b my page if you have time. I ordered my first Round today and start loading on Monday. xo