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Woo Hoo...in the 170's

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WEll, Yesterday was the first day that I didn't want to eat, I didn't feel hunger, almost 2 weeks in. I have just started a new batch of hhcg drops. I wonder if thats the difference? I just know a few stalls are coming and trying to prepare myself emotionally for it. Its weird how quickly I became attached to the scale, I am tying not to let it determine how i feel about myself.

day1 ??
day2 197.4
day3 194.2 (-3.2)
day4 190.2 (-4)
day5 188. (-2.2)
day6 187.1 (-.9)
day7 184.5 (-2.6)
day8 183.4 (-1.1)
day9 185.8 (+2.4)
day10 184.8 (-1)
day 11 182.8(-2)
day 12 181.5 (-1.3)
day 13 179.9(-1.6)!!!!!!!! in the 170's...I'll take it!!

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  1. scientistmac's Avatar
    Your weight losses are very high...awesome job! Any tricks?
  2. shellby's Avatar
    THanks, lots and lots of water . And I exercise. daily.