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Starting R2P2 Tomorrow.

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I am officially done r1p4 today. Weighed in at 166.8 this morning. Up 3.2 from LDW. Starting to load tomorrow for r2. Hcg rx sublingual is mixed and ready for morning dose. I am excited and hope I have a very successful round.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck. I'm nearing the end of my first round, of vlc, so am interested to see how 2nd rounds go for people. Keep us posted.
  2. nsbrown76's Avatar
    Hello my pretty pretty. Come to suffer with us? Welcome.

    Ok, I'm back. How was your P3/P4? How long did you stay in both?
  3. thomygirl's Avatar
    Dubbles I will keep you posted - I like to post about my VLCD days as it helps me be accountable for staying on protocol.

    Nsbrown76 - I did 21 days of p3 and 30 days of p4 before I started r2. I wanted to follow proper protocol and so did the whole 3 weeks for p3 and just over 3 weeks for p4 as Dr. S. said to do in P&I. I waited a week to start r2 so I could load during our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and would not have to suffer through it on p2.